REVOLAX is a hyaluronic corrosive (HA) dermal filler, which was created in South Korea in 2013. … REVOLAX Fine is the filler with the most minimal thickness and is an incredible decision for shallow, scarcely discernible differences like crows’ feet and perioral lines. It keeps going somewhere in the range of 9 month to 1 year

What is Revolax

REVOLAX is a hyaluronic corrosive (HA) dermal filler, which was created in South Korea in 2013. It got its KFDA endorsement in the very year and immediately turned into a staple in the Korean stylish industry after its delivery. In 2017, REVOLAX went to the UK in the wake of being granted its CE Class III authentication meaning it is ensured for the utilization in Europe.

REVOLAX is known for being a superior item, sold at a reasonable cost. REVOLAX is altogether tried, and goes through a few dialysis methodology to fulfill ISO guidelines To keep up similar high caliber as its market driving rivals. Fox Group International acquired the sole conveyance rights for the UK and Germany and is remaining consistent with its organization rules: Quality, Affordability and Happiness. By sourcing REVOLAX straightforwardly from the maker in South Korea, Fox Group International can offer REVOLAX to yourself at the most minimal conceivable cost.

REVOLAX utilizes the most recent dermal filler innovation inside its whole product offering and offers three unique items: REVOLAX Fine, REVOLAX Deep and REVOLAX Sub-Q.

Every item is an alternate consistency, which means they are appropriate for various application territories. REVOLAX Fine is the filler with the most minimal thickness and is an incredible decision for shallow, almost negligible differences like crows’ feet and perioral lines. It endures somewhere in the range of 9 and a year. REVOLAX Deep is the most mainstream item and is regularly utilized for lip expansions because of its high thickness and length time of 12 to year and a half. It is likewise reasonable for profound wrinkles and facial increases. The thickest item is REVOLAX Sub-Q. This filler is principally utilized for recognizable facial expansions and subcutaneous inserts. It can last 12 to year and a half.

Each of the three items are biodegradable, non-creature based and top notch. The hyaluronic corrosive it comprises of is focused and sifted to the most elevated immaculateness with no BDDE buildup. The REVOLAX equation is 100% profoundly cross-connected and will accordingly keep going quite a while inside the body before it is broken separated. Included Lidocaine will make the technique as agreeable as feasible for the customer and the prefilled needle with an agreeable unclogger pressure makes it simple to work with.

All REVOLAX items depend on a similar synthetic structure and can in this manner be utilized for blend medicines on the face if the customer wants for a more broad methodology. The filler is profoundly visco-flexible and stable however pliant simultaneously which implies it gives a characteristic completion while as yet being formable. Because of its low stage point, item movement is profoundly far-fetched with REVOLAX.

It is by and large an okay item which doesn’t have a considerable rundown of symptoms. The hyaluronic corrosive coordinates itself into the skin and imitates the characteristic happening HA inside the body to forestall getting dismissed. Post treatment some expanding around the infused zone is ordinary and, sometimes, wounds create if a vein got harmed during the system.

Notwithstanding, these are reactions that should begin to vanish following three days and won’t create any genuine harm. In the event that the filler has been wrongly infused or complexities showed up during the treatment, it very well may be broken up with hyaluronidase to evade any genuine harm to the body.

To sum up, REVOLAX is a top notch HA dermal filler with three unique items on the European market. It is a non-creature inferred, biodegradable filler with the most perfect hyaluronic corrosive and has an incredible life span because of its profoundly cross-connected recipe. Fox Group International carried the item toward the West and ships all over Europe while keeping the cost as low as could be expected under the circumstances. Every item from the range has its own forte and can be utilized in a mix treatment with scarcely any reactions. The most recent dermal filler innovation takes into consideration a characteristic look and gives a smooth completion. Professionals love the wonderful way simple it is to infuse REVOLAX and patients love the general outcome it leaves on their appearances. REVOLAX is a success win item which persuades each and every individual who attempts it.

There are three sorts of Revolax, each with its own properties and reason.

Revolax Fine: Intended for shallow layers of skin, it’s infused into the top layer of skin to fill crow’s-feet, temple lines, neck wrinkles, or grimace lines.

Revolax Deep: Thicker and longer-enduring than Revolax Fine, this gel is best for the center layer of skin, where it can stout your lips; enlarge your jawline or nose; and address nasolabial folds, profound lines in the brow, and chuckle lines.

Revolax Sub-Q: This filler can be shaped and hold its structure for longer than other Revolax fillers, so it’s utilized in the subcutaneous layer of skin, where it can fill further lines and lift your cheeks.


It quickly includes volume that can last 12 to year and a half.

There’s no vacation.

Revolax fillers are mixed with the sedative lidocaine to limit torment during and after treatment.

Engineered hyaluronic corrosive is almost indistinguishable from what our bodies normally produce, so it utilizes totally after some time.

An infusion of hyaluronidase can separate Revolax, in the event that you don’t care for your outcomes or have a confusion.


Revolax isn’t FDA-endorsed, so most dermatologists and plastic specialists in the U.S. try not to offer it.

Results are transitory; you’ll need follow-up medicines on the off chance that you need to look after them.

While the vast majority have just gentle reactions like wounding and expanding, inadvertently infusing filler into a vein can prompt genuine inconveniences if the filler isn’t broken down rapidly.

Side effects of Revolax

Expanding, wounding, and delicacy at the infusion site are regular reactions, yet they should resolve inside possibly 14 days. The infused zone may feel sore and hardened to the touch or seem lopsided (because of growing) for as long as seven days after the infusion. On the off chance that you actually have hilter kilter results after your growing has gone down, inquire as to whether your supplier can address the issue during a final detail arrangement.

In the event that little knots or knocks do happen, they ordinarily resolve all alone inside half a month. Applying an ice pack and delicately rubbing the territory can help accelerate the cycle.

To limit symptoms, abstain from drinking liquor and taking blood thinners, for example, ibuprofen, headache medicine, and other nonsteroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs), for seven days before your arrangement. You’ll additionally need to abstain from practicing for 48 hours a short time later.

It’s uncommon, yet all fillers convey a danger of tissue demise if inadvertently infused into a vein and not broke up rapidly. Hyaluronic corrosive based dermal fillers like Revolax can be disintegrated with an infusion of hyaluronidase, a catalyst that separates it—however, as indicated by specialists on RealSelf, it might be fairly more impervious to disintegration than other HA-based fillers since it’s so thick. Along these lines, it’s basic to locate an accomplished injector (like a board-confirmed dermatologist) who has a personal comprehension of facial life structures.


The cost of Relovax varies as of doctors experience and method.It can be around about 800$ to 1000$.

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